You can now download TikTok Videos as MP3 audio track!

 From now on you can also convert and download TikTok videos to MP3. We have analyzed current trends and found that there is a growing demand for TikTok to MP3 downloads. For this reason we have adapted our code and now also offer you MP3 downloads. Just use TikTake as usual and finally choose "Download as MP3" instead of "Download HD (no Watermark)" As we provide the video first and the conversion may take some time, you may see the "Download as MP3" button greyed out. As soon as the MP3 download is ready, the button changes color and you can download the soundtrack for the video.

How to download TikTok Videos with no watermark.

We noticed that many people want to download TikTok videos to use them for various reasons. However, there is no official way to download them without the annoying watermark. That's why we created TikTake. TikTake is a free TikTok video downloader and to MP3 converter. Here we explain how exactly you use TikTake to download your videos from TikTok. Step 1. Browse the TikTok website or use the app until you find a video you want to download. Then click on the share icon and select "Copy Link". The link has now been added to your clipboard. Step 2. Open your favorite Webrowser, mostly you will find it on your Desktop or your Homescreen. Step 4.  Enter into the address bar and hit enter/return. Step 5.  Paste the TikTok Video URL into the input field above. You can do so by one click on the Input field and then pressing CTRL-V or click with the right mouse button into the input field and choose "Paste" The URL will then appear inside the input field. S